Hydroponic Farm Franchise

If you trust the HydroHerbs brand, quality, transparent farming methods and believe that Hydroponics is the future of clean sustainable farming, get in touch and join the revolution.

Hydroponic Contract Farming

We encourage retailers to apply the long-term supply agreement model with HydroHerbs because we can produce all year round. This provides security for buyer and HydroHerbs. Prices stay stable for the buyer and planning-ahead becomes easier. We can grow any herb and leafy green the market demands as long as it meets our costs and environmental limitations.

Hydroponic Farm Business Consultancy

The Hydroponic farm business requires sound management in order to reach successful objectives and to financially prosper. Thus, Hydroponic farmers are required to stay updated with developments in emerging technologies and ever changing government policies to keep up with modern agriculture.
Making decisions to modify or change Hydroponic farming techniques are risky. Often new and unproven technologies come without guarantees and can come with financial risk, but failing to adopt new and emerging farming practices can hinder a business with a competitive disadvantage and effect future profitability.
HydroHerbs offers consultancy in the following areas:
  • Hydroponic Farm Business planning, forecasts, budgets. (For loans and investment purposes also)
  • Hydroponic Farm Business structures
  • Contract farming
We offer strategic Hydroponic farm management advice to optimize your resources and provide further business opportunities for growth.

Hydroponic Farm Management

You own land and you can start your own Hydroponic farm with an agricultural loan or direct investment. However, you don’t have the time, expertise or staff to profitably manage the farm. HydroHerbs will operate your farm for a percentage of the net profit or re-market the produce under the trusted HydroHerbs brand. 

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