What is Soil less agriculture?

Soil less agriculture is farming without the use of soil. There are many types of soil less agriculture with one of them being hydroponics and another type being "Coco-ponics" 
What we refer to as "Coco-ponics" is basically when coco-peat is used as the growing medium and the fertilizer is being fed through a drip irrigation system. The plants are either in grown in grow-bags or pipes filled with coco-peat​.

Why are we against the use of coco-peat as a form of soil less agriculture?

We are not against the use of coco-peat. We use a mixture of coco-peat and Perlite to germinate our seeds. We wash the coco-peat many times to attain a very low EC level to make sure there is nothing dissolved in the coco-peat. The reason we prefer to use water instead of "coco-ponics" in grow-bags is because we know the water is a 100% pure when it comes out of the RO. There is no equivalent of an RO for coco-peat. It is important to know exactly how much of each element is added to the water to ensure that your food that is growing is 100% clean.

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